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305 Glen Eira Road, Caulfield, Vic. Australia 3161

Caulfield Beth Hamedrash

Caulfield Beth Hamedrash
Caulfield Beth Hamedrash
Caulfield Beth Hamedrash
Caulfield Beth Hamedrash
Caulfield Beth Hamedrash
Caulfield Beth Hamedrash
Caulfield Beth Hamedrash
Caulfield Beth Hamedrash
Caulfield Beth Hamedrash
Caulfield Beth Hamedrash
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Caulfield Beth Hamedrash
Caulfield Beth Hamedrash
Caulfield Beth Hamedrash
Caulfield Beth Hamedrash


Updated: 27 May 2020

Following previous updates, the Shule has gradually re-opened for weekday Davening from Wednesday 13 May 2020 and for Shabbos from Shabbos 23 May 2020.

As of 1 June 2020, the number of attendees allowed is increasing to 20. Accordingly those wishing to attend Shule, please register your interest via email to < >. For those interested in registering for Shabbos 6 June 2020, please register prior to 5:00pm Thursday 4 June 2020. (Please note that Shavuos bookings are closed).

Depending on demand, it is envisaged that those registered might be allocated particular services, on rotation, to attend. You will be informed of your allocated services. Preference will be given to Shule members with those saying Kaddish a priority.

Any person who is feeling unwell or that they are unable to comply with the social distance requirements are not to attend. This is not only for your own health and well-being but for the safety of others as well as compliance with the law.  Any person with COVID-19 symptoms or classified as a Casual Contact or Close Contact is not permitted on Shule premises.  Entry to Shule will be strictly restricted to only those registered to attend. 

Katanga is now on Facebook. Please friend us: “Katanga Caulfield Beth Hamedrash”

Caulfield Beth Hamedrash, began as a small minyan in a private house in Caulfield about 1960 and is now B’H home to some 250 members. The membership consists of a diverse collection of religious orthodox people from many backgrounds. The Shule has developed a reputation for a warm and "heimish" atmosphere, where all are welcome and made to feel at home.  

Our Shule was founded by Holocaust survivors, mostly of Polish origin. The popular new Minyan needed a permanent home and a house was purchased in 198 Kooyong Road and converted into a "Shtiebel".

Over a decade later, after continued growth, the Shule moved to larger premises, when a new Shule was purpose built at 305 Glen Eira Rd – the current premises. Later extensions have included the upstairs Womens Gallery and the Youth Minyan Beis Medrash/Sukka.

The Shule serves as a vibrant place of Torah and Tefilla for all of its members. The Nusach of the Shule is Nusach Sefard and the custom of the Shule follows the Chassidic Polish customs in Tefilla and Song.

Two daily Minyonim for morning tefillos are well attended each weekday and held at 6:15AM and 7:00AM. Each day, Mincha at sunset, is followed by a Shiur and then Maariv at nightfall.  

On Shabbos morning, the Shule houses two primary minyanim; the 'Main Shule' and the 'Youth Minyan' - training up the Baalei Tefilla and Baalei Kriah of the next generation.

Many Shiurim are given in the Shule on Shabbos and during the week. These Shiurim, delivered in English or Yiddish are given on a broad range of topics and texts. Some Shiurim have been going for over 40 years. The Shule has many Talmidei Chachomim delivering and attending Shiurim and claims to have one of the highest ratios of members attending Shiurim in all Shules in Melbourne.

Shiurim are given on diverse topics and texts including Gemora incorporating Daf HaYomi, Mishnayes including Mishna Yomi, Mishna Berura, Kitzur Shulchan Oruch, Tanach, Sefas Emes, Yismach Yisroel, Minchas Chinuch, Ein Yaakov and Kli Yokor. The Shule has built up an extensive library of Hebrew and English Seforim, which are well used by members.

The Shule is famous for its prevalent "leibedike" Kiddeishim, with a special mix of lechayims - whiskey, herring, onions, Divrei Torah and nigginim. During Seuda Shlishis, a wide range of local and guest speakers are encouraged to present Divrei Torah.

The Shule also distributes its popular Newsletter - Online and Offline weekly editions with a readership locally and overseas. The Shule website gives details of Tefilla times and current events, as well a pictorial history of the Shule.

Periodically throughout the year, our Shule is host to numerous communal and youth activities including the ever popular Lag B'Omer Bonfire, Melave Malkes, Tikkun Leil Shavuos and Tisha B'Av programs, Simchas Beis HaShoeva celebrations on Sukkos. Our famous Lag Bomer Bonfire extravaganza has grown to be come a communal family event attended by many hundreds of people from all sections of the community.

The Shule also hosts well attended Seudos Mitzva celebrating Siyumim of the various Shiurim or commemorating the Yahrzeits of Chassidic Rebbes.

June 2013: The Stropkover Rebbe Shlit’a visiting from Jerusalem:

The Youth Minyan conducts a childrens' Davenning competition, Shiurim, Yomtov programs, Sukka Hopping, Purim Dressups, Chanuka Soccer Match and BBQ.

The Shule engages in many forms of Chesed. Tzedoka appeals are promoted for worthy causes in Israel, raising thousands of dollars each year. The Shule also operates a Free Loan Gemach and various Tzedoka funds.

A special Yasher Koach to the Gabboim, Board and all the Mispallelim for their unique and valued contributions in making our Shule such a special and treasured place.

Be’ezras Hashem, may we continue to go ‘mechayil el choyil’ - from strength to strength.  See recent videos from different events at the Shule.

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*This website was created by the longstanding Shule member Harry Ciechanowski o"bm, who was also the longstanding volunteer Shule webmaster and the driving force behind many of the initiatives on the Shule website. May his memory be a blessing. *