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* Shmini Atzeres Kiddish

* Simchas Torah Peklech Choson Kol HaNeorim

* Simchas Torah Kiddish - Choson Torah

* Shabbos Breishis Kiddish - Choson Breishis

* Simchas Beis HaShoeva 2nd Night Sukkos
On Second night Yom Tov, the whole Shule is invited to the traditional Simchas Bais HaShoeva celebration from 9:30pm in the Succa of Yisroel Alter & Miriam Pacanowski.

* Boys Minyan Sukka Hopping on 2nd day Sukkos.
    Meet at Shule at 4:30 PM.

On Sunday, second day Succos, Katanga is once again hosting its traditional Katanga Succa Hopping. Please meet Yossi Salamon at Shule at 4:30pm for a festive tour of various Katanga Succos.

Melava Malka
Motzei Shabbos Selichos Night, 16th September 2006, Katanga is hosting a Melava Malka at 8:30 PM at the home of Tom and Tallilah May, 29A Aroona Road, Caulfield 3161.

Guest Speaker: Dr Colin Rubinstein AM
Executive Director of AIJAC-Australia/Israel Jewish Affairs Council
Editorial Chairman of Australia/Israel Review
Renowned Middle East commentator and political analyst

Topic: "Israel - What will the New Year Bring?"

All are invited to attend and enjoy a delicious catered Melave Malke     See here.

Shabbos Parshas Va'eschanan,
11th Av 5766 - 5th August 2006

All are invited to support Shaarei Zedek Hospital in hearing our dynamic speaker

Tom May
Vice President Caulfield Beth HaMedresh Board Member of Australian Friends of Shaarei Zedek

Joining together with other Melbourne Shules, an appeal will be made in aid of Shaarei Zedek Hospital in Jerusalem

A Kiddush for men, women and children will follow Davenning.     See here.

On 2 Aug 2006, after Eicha, a video by two renoun speakers,
Rabbi Avrohom Chaim Feuer, and
Rabbi Paysach Krohn
Do you know the way home?

Further details here.
Shabbos Bamidbar, 29th Iyar 5766, 27th May 2006
Further details here...   Special note here...
Tikun Leil Shavuos Program
First night Shavuos, we will again have an action packed program of dynamic speakers and shiurim.
Hot and cold refreshments available all night.
Early minyan 6:30AM followed by Kiddush.
Further details to follow...
Lag B'Omer Family Bonfire Celebration
Monday night 15 May 2006 was Lag B'Omer and Katanga once again hosted its famous Lag B'Omer Extravaganza.
This year's family event was highlighted by the appearance of an Entertainer, GymBus, Jumping Castle, High-Striker, Bonfire, live music, BBQ hot-dogs, soup, salads, fairy-floss machine and more.
Commencing at 6:00pm and followed by a Kumzits, all were encouraged to attend for an all-inclusive entry price of only $5.00 per person and $20.00 per family. more... photos here
All were invited to hear our dynamic guest speaker Rabbi Noson Shpigel
Shabbos Chazak Vayakhel-Pekudei Parshas HaChodesh Shabbos Mevorchim Nissan 25 March, 2006
A Kiddish for men and women followed Davening.     See here.
Thursday night, 16 March 2006 a Seudas Mitzva and Siyum Masechte Eruvin was held in honour of the first Yohrzeit of the previous Alexander Rebbe. Yisroel Alter Pacanowski completed the Siyum and then recounted stories and Divrei Torah about the lessons we can learn from the Rebbe.
Taanis Esther is Monday 13 March 2006, followed by Purim on Tuesday 14 March 2006. The fast commences at 5:58am and concludes at 8:13pm, followed by Maariv and the Megilla. see photos.
This Shabbos, 27 Shevat, is Parshas Shekalim, the first of the four special weeks that we read a different Maftir.
This Shabbos is Shabbos Mevorachim Adar. Rosh Chodesh Adar is Monday 27 February 2006 and Tuesday 28 February 2006.
This Shabbos, 25 February 2006 the Shule is hosting a special Sheva Brochos Shalosh Seudos in honour of the marriage of Liat Tamir to Robbie Alden. All are invited to participate and due to this celebration, Mincha this Shabbos afternoon will commence earlier than normal at 7:30pm.
This Shabbos, 28 January 2006, is Shabbos Mevorachim Shevat with Rosh Chodesh Shevat next Monday, 30 January 2006. The traditional Shabbos Mevorachim Kiddish is this month sponsored by Family Barr in honour of the birthday of Mr Harry Barr. All are invited to attend.
Sunday 29 January 2006, after Mincha at 7:50pm, a Seudas Mitzvah will be held in Shule, in honour of the Yorzeit of the Alexander Rebbe, the Yismach Yisroel z"l. All are invited to attend.
Photos, here.