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Caulfield Beth Hamedrash, as it is officially known, began as a small minyan in a private house and is now home to some 300 members. A truly diverse collection of religious orthodox people from many backgrounds, the Shule has developed a reputation for a warm and "heimish" atmosphere.

The breakaway from the Mizrachi shul and founding of Beis Hamedrash Caulfied was arranged by its first committee. Rev Shimi Klein President; Mr, Moshe Kantor Madgid Shiur and Baal Tefilah for Musaf Chagim; Reb Sholom Meir New Hon Gabba and Baal Kriya from 1960 to 1981 and Reb Avrom Feiglin who provided the initial start up funding.  The Nusach of the Shule is Nusach Sefard and the custom of the Shule follows the Chassidic Polish customs in Tefilla and Song.

Caulfield Beth HamedrashOur Shule was founded by Holocaust survivors, mostly of Polish origin in 1960. Originally housed in a "shtiebel" in 198 Kooyong Road, the Shule moved to bigger premises, when a new Shule was built in Glen Eira Rd.  'Katanga', was a country that broke away from the Congo some 40 years ago. It was at a similar point in history that members of shules in Melbourne decided to set up this minyan - consequently, it was unofficially known as Katanga.

The Shule houses two primary minyanim; the 'Main Shule' and the 'Youth/Young Marrieds' Minyan.  The Shule serves as a place of Torah and Tefilla for all of its members.

Minyonim for daily tefillos are well attended.
There are two minyonim for Shachris each weekday held at 6:15AM and 7:00AM.
Sunday Shachris is at 8:00AM.
Shabbos Shachris is at 9:30AM in the Main Shule and 10:00AM in the Youth Minyan.
Mincha, followed by a Shiur and then Maariv each day are held at sunset and dark       For exact times, see here

Many Shiurim are given in the Shule on Shabbos and during the week. These Shiurim, delivered in English or Yiddish are given on a diverse ranges of topics and texts. Details of Shiurim here

The Shule is famous for its prevalent "leibedike" Kiddeishim, with a special mix of whiskey, herring, onions and Divrei Torah.
During Seuda Shlishis, a wide range of local and guest speakers are encouraged to present Divrei Torah

The Shule also distributes its popular Newsletter - Online and Offline weekly editions with a readership locally and overseas.

Periodically throughout the year, Katanga is host to numerous communal and youth activities including the ever popular Lag B'Omer Bonfire, Tikkun Leil Shavuos and Tisha B'Av programs, Simchas Beis HaShoeva celebrations on Sukkos.

The Shule also conducts Tzedoka appeals for worthy causes in Israel.

Shule members of each particular dynasty commemorate the Yahrzeits of Tzaddikim with a Seudas Mitzva, specifically the Gerer, Alexanderer and Bobover Rebbes. The Shule has always been a home for many Chasidim including Gerer, Alexanderer, Bobover, Radomsker, Amshinover, Chortkover, Belzer and Skulener Chasidim.

The Youth Minyan conducts a childrens' Davenning competition, Yomtov programs, Sukka Hopping, Chanuka Soccer Match and BBQ.

Details of Committee here